I was mentally congratulating her, and incidentally congratulating myself on the opportunity to view so appealing and wholesome a sight, when she suddenly threw the final of her supply of crumbs towards the pigeons, and departed.

Ah, Reader-what a shock of disillusionment! I want I could possibly spare you; but the truth is needed for the moral of this tale. She did not stroll; she stumped.

I may well not have noticed this had she not happened to be in a hurry. Maybe she had an appointment. Anyhow, she walked quite fast-or tried to; and she had not gone twenty steps just before she began to run, or tried to. There is no really need to go into the painful particulars. She limped a little as if her feet hurt her; and she moved along, somehow; but each and every natural grace of motion that a single would have expected from a creature so powerful and attractive had departed.

Her heels came down with sharp, staccato clicks on the pavement. She ran stiff-legged and stiff-bodied, as a marionette could have run. And each and every resounding thump with each clicking step need to have jarred her very brain. It was a shocking transition, as if one of the iridescent, pink-footed pigeons she had been feeding had tried to take flight having a wing clipped or crippled.

I wanted to put my hands over my eyes to shut out the horror of it; but I kept on searching. The spectacle had a dreadful fascination about it. And it had dramatic meanings also; for it seemed to shout at a single a query. It seemed to say, "Women have discarded the notion that they can not be beautiful devoid of stays, and without the need of other former options of apparel to which they once clung for 'esthetic' reasons. They've acquired enough faith in nature for that, and sufficient of sophistication to know that the human body no additional needs crudely artificial distortions for the sake of beauty than a lily demands gilding. Will the day ever come when this last citadel of fashionable distortion in the body is going to be captured and razed, and when girls will get more than the notion that there is certainly beauty to be achieved by wearing around the foot a leather harness designed expressly to throw it out of position, destroy its gorgeous mechanical efficiency, cripple it in and out of action, and make it look from in front as much as you can like a hoof"

The Higher Cost of High HEELS (Aug, 1930)

The Higher Expense of Higher HEELS

By John Hayden

Who Began Them? Why Females Put on Them- What They Do to You

OUT for any walk yesterday morning I encountered a pretty-girl- which is just what should come about when one requires a morning walk and desires to begin the day as pleasantly as possible. At the moment when I 1st saw her she was standing on one of several paths of Central Park throwing bread crumbs to a flock of pigeons that had been almost as quite as she.

She created a delightful image there in the spring sunshine. Her fresh face was its own colour rather than being violently rouged; her red lips, breitling replica usa free from artificial aids and shades of carmine, looked something but kiss-proof; her eyes had been clear with the brightness of youth and well being; her figure was lithe, slender, and powerful; and she had-I mention this because it is very important to what follows-a pair of shapely legs that would have fitted any hosiery advertisement.

Looking at her with such interest as may, maybe, be allowed without the need of offense to a middle-aged gentleman, I permitted myself unobtrusively to enjoy this image of youth, omega watch replicas vigor, beauty, and abounding well being cheap breitling replica watches . How splendid, I thought, that this lovely girl was absolutely free from the dress habits of her grandmother-free from corset stays, and free in the burden of heavy, multiplied clothing as soon as considered needed to modesty and virtue!

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